Jabulani! Preserving And Protecting Our Precious Wildlife

The conservation of our dwindling African wildlife is crucial to its survival.

Jabulani Safaris, an integral part of the Shangani Sanctuary, currently provides refuge to over 40 species of wildlife and a host of birdlife within its 1400 hectare domain. Game fenced and well protected, Jabulani Safaris is a pristine wilderness, preserved for future generations.

Poaching and human settlement have encroached on the well-being of our flora and fauna for far too long. The Shangani Sanctuary is a new initiative to re-introduce wildlife into this sparsely populated area, giving the local inhabitants a stake in the preservation of their wildlife by turning an 89,000 hectare area into a game fenced wildlife sanctuary.

Eco-tourism and outsourcing of crops and cattle productivity will allow the inhabitant families to become financially viable within the wildlife sanctuary, encourage them to become reliant on the preservation of all flora and fauna species so creating a lasting and stable eco system, and ensuring health, education and a future for their children.

At Jabulani, we seek to educate people on the fragility of our local environment, and we hope to do so by setting an example. We know that the preservation of nature begins with us. We have taken the initiative

Jabula! Rejoice!

Home To Over 40 Species Of Wildlife

Jabulani is home to large herds of eland, impala, tsessebbe, sable, zebra, giraffe, wildebeest, and smaller antelope like the grey duiker and steenbok. On your safari you will meet ostrich, guinea fowl, francolin, and a plethora of birds, including raptors, vultures, and water birds. Watch carefully for predators slinking in the grass – jackals, brown hyenas, civet cats, servals, mongoose, wild cats, maybe even a leopard. How about a tortoise, or a pangolin? Go for an evening drive and encounter mysterious eyes staring at you from the dark – springhares, nagapies, ant bears, wild hares, maybe a python lying in the warmth of the road. Climb the kopjes and find baboons, monkeys, hyrax, the orange tinted rock rabbit, lizards of all shapes and sizes, razor backed boars, or a banded cobra looking for a meal.

The antelope, birds, reptiles, amphibious creatures, spiders, snakes, predators are all around you at Jabulani Safaris – there to thrill and fascinate you. Watch out for the grumpy old warthog on the lawn! He won’t disturb you if you let him be. And more than often the old elephant will silently appear as if from nowhere to feed on the marula trees, leaving behind his footprints and a huge pile of steamy dung to say “Thank you for your hospitality!”

Sit For Hours Observing Our Magnificent Birdlife

Observing the birds of Africa in their natural environment is a privileged activity . Jabulani has over 100 species of African birdlife from the Red-Billed Hornbill to the Peregrine Falcon, the Giant Eagle Owl to the African Fish Eagle.

Take time to sit quietly and photograph or video the feathered visitors to your chosen spot, so we can help you identify the species by colours, sounds and shapes. Drink in the beauty of Jabulani’s rocky landscape, its woodlands, grasslands, marshes and wetlands, each inhabited by its own special species of birds .