Social Responsibility

Jabulani! Becoming involved; Taking action!

Doing The Right Thing For A Better Tomorrow

Jabulani is constantly looking for new ways to give back to the community. Job creation and education is high on our agenda.  We strive to work very closely with the staff and children at the local Pezulu School. This primary school provides education to some 80 students.

 School fees are minimal. Although the premises are spacious and well kept, classroom requirements are something of a luxury. Desks, pens, pencils, textbooks and the learning equipment we take for granted are as precious as gold to these children and desperately needed to further their education.

A crucial part of our conservation efforts is to expose children to the wildlife within the sanctuary. Our managers and guides are in the process of setting up a consistent programme to impart a love and value for the animals and natural environment.

At Jabulani we hope to contribute to the hopes, dreams and needs of these students, by getting our guests and volunteers involved in their development.

If you would like to know more about the program we are developing, please enquire for more information on ways in which you can get involved..